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95% of respondents agreed that COVID-19 has had an impact on their business activities. But exactly what were those impacts? Illuminating trends emerged when the Changing Workplaces survey delved deeper.


Agreed that visibility of hygiene and cleaning measures influences facility users' perceptions of their brand or facility.

Hand Hygiene

Percentage of respondents increased provision of hand sanitising facilities during the pandemic. Almost 50% of those people believe this will be a permanent change.

Refuse and Recycling

For half of respondents, the pandemic caused challenges in managing more waste streams due to more disposable products being used. 39% introduced a multi-stream waste/recycling system.

Take control with cross-sector perspectives

Businesses across Europe contributed to our in-depth Changing Workplaces research. Thanks to exceptional cross-sector collaboration we can bring you insights to help you build a future-fit approach to hygiene, cleaning and waste.

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What’s the future for budgets?

Changing Workplaces revealed increased cleaning and hygiene budgets during the pandemic. How can you plan for the future to maximise any uplift?

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Knowledge and education

During the pandemic 81% upskilled staff in cleaning, hygiene or waste management. Over ½ of respondents believe more training is still needed.

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User perception

High visibility of cleaning measures and availability of hand sanitiser ranked as most influential in how comfortable users feel in a facility.

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Sustainability and Recycling are back on the agenda

Sustainability and recycling are back on the agenda.

74% are concerned by the impact of the pandemic on their company’s sustainability credentials, with 70% set to review cleaning and hand hygiene solutions due to sustainability concerns.
In hand hygiene, touch-free technology comes top.

In hand hygiene, touch-free technology comes top.

59% increase in number of people who want a touch-free refill dispenser stand, indicating the market has stabilised and people are searching for longer-term solutions.

Quality is a keeper. Durability is the future.

Quality is a keeper. Durability is the future.

Durability is a growing watch-point for facilities with a 45% increase in the number of people seeing this as a future challenge compared to before the pandemic. It’s time to take a longer-term view.

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