Front-of-house recycling to benefit your business and the planet


With 74% of businesses concerned about the pandemic's affect on their sustainability credentials, now is the time for to commit to sustainability.

Increasing knowledge and education around cleaning and hygiene key for long-term customer satisfaction


It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has caused a seismic shift in perceptions of cleaning and hygiene measures in workplaces and public spaces.

Exploring the future of workplace budgets


As part of our Europe-wide Changing Workplaces research program, we’ve been exploring how businesses have changed their approach to spending on hand hygiene and cleaning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visibility, quality, efficacy: the expectations of changing workplaces


Our Changing Workplaces research program has been examining how facilities across Europe are adapting to the demands of this everchanging world.

Celebrate the Recycling Heroes in your organisation


RCP are proud to have launched Love Recycling Heroes - a new initiative that celebrates the heroes of commercial recycling across Europe - as part of the continuing expansion of the Love Recycling program.

Our top tips for hand hygiene in schools


It’s a tricky path to navigate as guidance often changes with little time to react, leaving schools to scramble for urgent solutions which may not be up to grade.

A whole new world of hand hygiene


Rubbermaid Commercial Products takes a closer look at changing attitudes, changing behaviours and changing environments.

Why Commercial Recycling Matters

By Rubbermaid Commercial Products on 03.02.2021

After a decade of businesses being told they need to be disruptive in order to succeed, could low levels of recycling prove the greatest disruption?

The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in Europe (part 2)

By Rubbermaid Commercial Products on 09.23.2020

This week we released the findings of our second Love Recycling study. An investigation into the effect 2020 has had on commercial recycling.

The Split in Recycling Collection

By Rubbermaid Commercial Products on 09.28.2020

In the early nineties, recycling provisions became more prevalent as issues around protecting ecology and long-term sustainability became more mainstream.