Unpacking the complexities of UK recycling legislation


Next year, new legislation in Wales will come into force meaning material that is prime for recycling must be separated prior to collection and kept separate throughout processing.

Greener hand hygiene choices that show you take sustainability seriously


As we head into the busy winter cold and flu season, the quality and visibility of your hand hygiene provision is going to be essential to keep your employees safe and your operation running smoothly.

Case study: Sanctuary Supported Living switch up cleaning solutions and reap productivity and sustainability rewards


By swapping their cleaning tools and partnering with RCP, Sanctuary Supported Living have been able to make significant efficiency improvements that allow the care organisation to clean more to a higher standard in less time, while also reducing...

How product longevity could be key to tackling plastic pollution


Plastic pollution presents a real problem. We produce around 430 million tonnes of plastic every year, two thirds of which are short-lived products that soon end up in landfill...

How high footfall facilities can tackle the challenges of cleaning, hand hygiene and waste management


Whilst travel and entertainment facilities each face their own unique set of demands, one shared challenge is creating an impressive experience for your users at the same time as handling the pressure of high footfall.

Handling the challenges of cleaning, hand hygiene and waste management in the education sector


The myriad of departments and venues that make up higher education facilities present their own set of unique challenges when it comes to cleaning, hand hygiene and waste solutions. From preventing the spread of illness, to protecting against...

How to select hand hygiene for each area of your facility


The challenge of providing hand hygiene solutions for any warehouse and logistics facility is that one solution does not fit all! With various areas to cater for, all with differing needs in terms of hygiene, it can seem a daunting task.

Investing in quality sees facility managers clean up


Against a backdrop of staff shortages and rising operational costs, how can facilities actually cut costs by investing in cleaning and hygiene?



Modular systems allow your facility to install bins that improve recycle rates without disruption to productivity and effectiveness.

Why good hand hygiene is for life, not just pandemics.


Three years on we explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hand hygiene habits and why quality soap and sanitiser are as important as ever.