How Torfaen Leisure Trust are getting ahead of recycling legislation


New workplace recycling legislation is fast-approaching in Wales (with similar changes coming to England in March 2025), and with sustainability a priority for Torfaen Leisure Trust (TLT), it was time to upgrade its waste management systems.

Handling waste management in high footfall facilities


Managing waste in busy travel hubs and entertainment venues presents a unique set of challenges. With high footfall adding pressure to handle waste efficiently and sustainably, your solutions back of house not only need to withstand tough demands...

Achieving greener, more efficient cleaning


70% of restaurants say that improving their sustainability is a priority, but less than half (41%) say they’re currently running sustainable operations.

Tips for first class recycling


Schools, colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to implement and demonstrate sustainable practices – 87% of students say that their university should take sustainability seriously.

Why ergonomics gets top marks for efficiency and safety


Facility maintenance and cleaning work in education facilities is an undeniably tough job. It’s not just the seven-plus miles covered every day, but the 70% of the day that is spent doing physical work.

Behind the Scenes of Clean – thanking hygiene heroes across the country


Recently we visited some of the hardworking and dedicated cleaning and hygiene teams that work tirelessly to keep facilities and venues across the UK running smoothly and safely.

Top tips for minimising missed capture this Recycle Week


Recycle Week (16-22 October) is here and this year we’re zeroing in on ‘missed capture’, sharing the WRAP messaging and challenging businesses to carry out their own Big Recycling Hunt.

Unpacking the complexities of UK recycling legislation


Next year, new legislation in Wales will come into force meaning material that is prime for recycling must be separated prior to collection and kept separate throughout processing.

Greener hand hygiene choices that show you take sustainability seriously


As we head into the busy winter cold and flu season, the quality and visibility of your hand hygiene provision is going to be essential to keep your employees safe and your operation running smoothly.

Case study: Sanctuary Supported Living switch up cleaning solutions and reap productivity and sustainability rewards


By swapping their cleaning tools and partnering with RCP, Sanctuary Supported Living have been able to make significant efficiency improvements that allow the care organisation to clean more to a higher standard in less time, while also reducing...