How can you stop labour inefficiencies costing your business money?


Distribution centres could recover nearly 3,000 hours of lost labour a year if processes were made more efficient, a study by Honeywell has found.* But where do you start? Recovering lost labour hours begins with looking at how you can make it...

Let’s Get Real on Recycling: 5 top tips for making a difference


To celebrate and promote this year’s Recycle Week (17th – 23rd October), we’re sharing some key tips for becoming a Real Recycler in your facility.

Act early to avoid cold and flu season bringing your business down


Flu and cold season is right around the corner, with the first signs of influenza commonly starting around October and peaking at the height of winter, according to the CDC.* At this time of year, your business is most at risk from a loss of...

How can separating food waste benefit your business?

Against the backdrop of increased competition, higher consumer expectations and heightened costs, your business’ environmental credentials are under close scrutiny.

How to Configure better recycling without compromise

Adopting visible sustainable practices is quickly becoming a non-negotiable consumer expectation, with 88% of consumers actively wanting brands to help them be more sustainable*. While many brands have the desire to help consumers become more...


With market competition stronger than ever, it takes more than delivering a quality product or service to maintain your business’ reputation.

What’s the right hand hygiene provision for your facility?

Every business faces unique challenges that affect the soap and hand sanitiser dispensers they need to provide.


For the vast majority of businesses, looks matter when it comes to being HandSafe. Simply providing hardworking hand hygiene solutions is only part of the answer.

Are you HandSafe? Our myth-busting checklist is here to help

Being HandSafe means providing high quality hand hygiene, tailored to your facility’s needs. Whether it’s in the washroom, front-of-house or in staff areas, HandSafe hand hygiene genuinely cares for your users’ health and wellbeing, as well as...

Why backache is a headache for businesses and how to help avoid it

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common work-related ailments in Europe, with over 58% of workers reporting they have suffered from at least one1. As well as being painful for the individuals, MSDs are proving costly for...