Clearing up the Complexities of Commercial Sustainability Challenges

With the release of the Better Sustainability Through Better Choices report, we examine the challenges businesses face when it comes to commercial sustainability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common blockers to progress and how...

Product longevity and commercial sustainability

Focusing on durability drives both sustainability and commercial gains. We examine why opting for recycled products is not the only answer.

Controlling cleaning, hand hygiene and waste complexities in the modern retail environment


End-to-end management of a retail facility presents a variety of cleaning, hand hygiene, and waste and recycling challenges. From exceeding customer expectations by providing a clean and welcoming front-of-house environment, to maximising...

How to take the strain off your housekeeping staff and your budget


Hospitality businesses across the world have faced a series of unprecedented challenges in recent years, with rising inflation and staffing pressures currently hitting the industry hard. In a recent survey*, businesses in the sector reported that...

Top tips for better waste management and recycling in hospitality

The importance placed on good waste management in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues is increasing, as the challenge of balancing the sustainability requirements of guests and regulators with financial constraints intensifies.

It’s time for hospitality to win, not bin.


Not only are hospitality venues facing higher consumer expectations and deeper scrutiny of their environmental credentials, but the reality of rising operational costs and productivity pressures mean the industry as a whole continues to face into...

Why choose automatic soap dispensers for your washroom?


Many businesses are switching to automatic soap dispensers as part of plans to provide a better washroom experience for their customers and employees – welcome news for the 60% of people who say they do anything (including flushing the toilet with...

Meet our Quality Manager Steven Kenney...


Steven joined Newell Brands as a Quality Control Technician for Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ (RCP) Technical Concepts brand back in 2009, progressing into the role of Quality Control Supervisor then Quality Manager in 2022. He brings with him...

How can you stop labour inefficiencies costing your business money?


Distribution centres could recover nearly 3,000 hours of lost labour a year if processes were made more efficient, a study by Honeywell has found.* But where do you start? Recovering lost labour hours begins with looking at how you can make it...

Let’s Get Real on Recycling: 5 top tips for making a difference


To celebrate and promote this year’s Recycle Week (17th – 23rd October), we’re sharing some key tips for becoming a Real Recycler in your facility.