Automatic solutions for every space


Stay safe with easy touch-free hygiene

Battery-free and touch-free dispenser with high quality foam soaps and hand rubs to prevent the spread of germs.

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By paying attention to the little things, we take the time to build tougher and smarter hand hygiene solutions for the real world. In universities, shops, restaurants and bars. In workplaces, schools and healthcare facilities.

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Manual solutions for everyone


Choose your hand hygiene with confidence

Flexible manual dispenser with adjustable dose size and widest range of foam and lotion refills.

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92%* of people prefer touch free hand sanitisers when entering a store or venue

With products to suit every facility, including alcohol and alcohol free hand sanitisers and soaps. For both wall-mounted dispensers and floor-standing stations, we create safer and healthier environments for everyone.

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A solution for every unique situation


Products working perfectly

For hands, for hygiene, for safety. For organisations, facilities and workplaces.

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We look closer at hand hygiene

The design in every drop. The science in every solution. For complete confidence.

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74% of people would not use a hand sanitiser that looks unhygienic. It’s why we take the time to build the strongest, most effective solutions.

*RCP Hand Hygiene Survey September 2020