Wall-Mount Automatic Hand Hygiene

Offers the highest quality foam sanitiser and soap in an attractive touch-free dispenser for superior cost savings.

LumeCel™ AutoFoam Dispenser - Black/Chrome

SKU: 1980826

Black/Chrome White/White

Battery-free and touch-free AutoFoam delivery reduces the spread of germs

AutoFoam Dispenser – Black/Chrome

SKU: FG750411

Black/Black Pearl Black/Chrome White/White

Prevent the spread of germs with high quality foam soaps and hand sanitisers in a durable Touch-Free Dispenser

AutoFoam 500ml Dispenser - White/White

SKU: 2162587

Black/Black Pearl Black/Chrome White/White

Upgrade your hand hygiene to touch free dispensing with the AutoFoam 500ml dispenser range. This smaller touch-free dispenser with sealed refills will provide a more hygienic solution compared with typical pump tops, bulk fill or manual dispensers.

AutoFoam Refill - EnrichedFoam Antibacterial Soap 500ml

SKU: 2162584


Antibacterial soap that kills germs, ideal for facilities looking for added peace of mind.

AutoFoam Refill - Free'n Clean Foam Soap (Dye & Fragrance Free) Ecolabel 1100ml

SKU: RVU11502


Dermatologically tested to gently clean hands and leave skin feeling smooth and conditioned

AutoFoam Refill - EnrichedFoam Soap with Moisturisers 1100ml

SKU: RVU11529


Light, floral and aromatic fragrance formula with enriched moisturisers to help prevent skin dryness

AutoFoam Refill - Foam Alcohol Plus Hand Sanitiser 500ml

SKU: 2162581


Rapid drying alcohol-based formulation that kills 99.99% of many common germs.

AutoFoam Refill - Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser 1100ml

SKU: 2167576


Alcohol-free hand rub ideal for use in high traffic environments.