BRUTE® Accessories

Designed with innovative features to increase productivity by 50% .

BRUTE® Quiet Dolly Black

SKU: FG264043BLA

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® Dolly provides easy mobility and maneuverability when collecting and transporting heavy loads.

BRUTE® 121 l Dome Top Lid Red

SKU: FG263788RED


The Rubbermaid Commercial Vented BRUTE® Dome Top Lid is built tough with a snap-lock design for a perfect fit. A spring door makes waste disposal easy and prevents insects from entering the receptacle.

BRUTE® Dolly Black

SKU: FG264000BLA

Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® Dolly smoothly and efficiently transports 76 l, 121 l, 167 l, 208 l BRUTE® containers easily and quickly.

BRUTE® 106 l Square Lid Grey (Fits FG352601)



Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® square container lids reduce pooling when containers are stored outside. The heavy-duty, durable Waste Bin lids snap on for secure, stable stacking.

BRUTE® Tandem Dolly Black

SKU: FG264600BLA

Two twist locks hold containers securely and unlock easily for unloading, allowing easy transport of two loaded 76 l, 121 l, 167 l BRUTE® containers for increased productivity.

BRUTE® Square Dolly for BRUTE® Square Containers

SKU: FG353000BLA

The Rubbermaid Commercial Square BRUTE® Dolly is designed for use with 3526 and 3536 containers.

BRUTE® Executive Series Caddy Bag Black

SKU: 1867533

Turn your Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® container into a cleaning cart with storage and transport for spray bottles, wet-floor signs, lobby dust pan, brushes, liners, gloves, and other cleaning supplies

BRUTE® 121 l Funnel Top Lid Grey


The Rubbermaid Commercial Funnel Top Lid for 121 l BRUTE® containers is designed for touchless waste disposal.

BRUTE® 121 l Lid Yellow

SKU: FG263100YEL

Black Blue Grey Red White Yellow

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® Self-Draining Lids feature self-draining channels that prevent water from pooling.

BRUTE® Rim Caddy Yellow


The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® Rim Caddy snaps securely onto the rim of 167 l BRUTE® Containers.

Universal Drum Dolly Black

SKU: FG265000BLA

The Rubbermaid Commercial Universal Drum Dolly Cart quickly and easily transports waste containers up to 500 lbs. throughout your facility.