August 18, 2021

Visibility, quality, efficacy: the expectations of changing workplaces

Our Changing Workplaces research program has been examining how facilities across Europe and beyond are adapting to the demands of this everchanging world.

Not only do our findings support businesses in every sector with valuable insights, they also inform our future research and development, ensuring we continue to bring you relevant, dependable cleaning, hygiene and waste management solutions.

One key theme highlighted in our Changing Workplaces survey results was the importance of visible cleaning and hand hygiene solutions: 93% of respondents believed that the visibility of hygiene and cleaning measures within their facility influences how it is perceived by users.

This figure not only emphasises a change in facility users’ expectations internationally but indicates the need for long-term solutions, adaptable to a range of environments.

Here’s our advice for workplaces looking to meet these changing expectations.

Visibility matters

Gone are the days where hand hygiene solutions are confined to the washroom. Providing visible and accessible hand hygiene solutions will build trust with your facility users, employees, and customers. Highly visible hand hygiene provision is a clear sign that you take health and safety seriously and reinforces the reputation of your brand.

And don’t stop at hand hygiene solutions – visibility of your cleaning measures is just as important. In response to the pandemic, over a fifth of employers recruited new staff to meet the growing need for workers specialised in cleaning, hygiene, and waste management. Deploying a skilled and visible cleaning team with quality equipment such as carts, mops and cloths across your facility will increase users’ confidence that you put their health, safety and comfort first.

Choose high quality, durable solutions

While the visibility of your hand hygiene and cleaning measures is important, it is just a vital to invest in high-quality solutions. Poorly constructed hand hygiene solutions – drips or product build-up around the dispenser are giveaways for example – or low-quality cleaning equipment, will damage trust in your brand. Don’t just take our word for it – 87% of respondents agreed that the quality of the hygiene and cleaning products they provide affect facility users’ perception of their facility.

Choose durable products that can withstand frequent use over a long period of time in the toughest environments to help show your facility users that you care as while as saving you money.

Provide effective, high-performing solutions

Your facility users are more educated on hand hygiene than ever before, so effective, high-performing solutions are a must. While gentle solutions that kill 99.99% of germs will give confidence in protection, your choice of dispenser also matters. A recent consumer survey* showed that 92% of people prefer touch-free hand hygiene dispensers. No-touch delivery reduces the risk of contact with bacteria, making people feel safer when visiting your premises.

Unsurprisingly, these higher expectations also mean cleaning staff are under greater scrutiny than ever. Upskilling staff with additional training in cleaning, hygiene, and waste management – as 81% of workplaces have already – will allow your facility to meet the raised expectations of your service users.

Get serious about sustainability

As businesses begin to come out the other side of the pandemic, the importance of sustainability is as high as ever before. By choosing products that last longer, you can avoid having to replace them so often, reducing waste and supporting your business’ sustainability aims. Demonstrate you are serious about sustainability with innovative solutions such as our LumeCel™ battery-free and touch-free dispenser, powered by the light in your facility.

Give your facility users confidence by choosing our high quality, durable and innovative hand hygiene solutions.

Why RCP?

We recognise that the working world is changing and are on a mission to support future needs with our range of cleaning and hygiene solutions.

Partnering with us helps you control your costs, provides dependable solutions and, ultimately, introduces order to your hand hygiene, waste and cleaning essentials. We’re always looking closer at new ways to deliver reliability and cost-efficiency for every organisation and facility we partner with, with durable and sustainable solutions.

To find all the insights on the changes and challenges reported by workplaces across Europe and beyond, download our complete Changing Workplaces report here.

*Preferred to manual pump dispensers, based on 415 RCP Facebook survey responses.

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