Waste and Recycling page

88% of consumers actively want brands to help them be more sustainable. Consumers are looking for greater sustainability in the companies, products and services they choose.


50% of facilities are facing challenges in managing more waste streams due to an increase in the use of disposable products.* 39% have introduced a multi-stream waste/recycling system.

Source: Changing Workplaces survey of over 300 businesses across Europe, carried out by RCP in 2021 -

27% cost savings seen by DPD, when the logistics business installed RCP recycling systems, thanks to not sending waste to general waste disposal.

Source: Olly Craughan, Head of Sustainability for DPD

Musculoskeletal injuries account for ~50% of injuries reported by school maintenance workers with removing waste the task second most frequently associated with injury.

Source: Koehoorn M, Ostry A, Hossain S, Village J [2011]. Injury risk associated with physical demands and school environment characteristics among a cohort of custodial workers. 54(8):767‒775.