What’s the right hand hygiene provision for your facility?

Every business faces unique challenges that affect the soap and hand sanitiser dispensers they need to provide.

The right solution for a small café bar for example, will naturally be different from the solution for an education provider or an office building.  From differences in scale and footfall to the balance of front-of-house and service areas, there’s much to consider.  Here, we review the most appropriate types of hand hygiene solution for various needs, to remove the guess work in specifying hand hygiene solutions.



If you have high footfall…      

With 80% of germs spread by hands1, in busy environments providing high quality and reliable hand hygiene is essential for the health and safety of your people, as well as to protect users’ perceptions of your business. Choose touch-free dispensers over manual to help reduce the risk of contact with bacteria and to encourage use – touch-free dispensers are preferred by 92% of people2. Resist temptation to use top up / bulk fill dispensers as research shows 1 in 4 of these are actually contaminated due to the way they are refilled3. Hygienically sealed refills are a more cost-effective and safer choice.

And, lastly, prioritise durability and long-term investment. Flimsy dispensers will only do the job for so long and with high demand in your facility you don’t want the hassle and expense of having to replace them frequently.


If you have tight spaces…

With 74% of people saying dirty washrooms cause negative perceptions4, it’s just as important to be HandSafe when your space is tight. You no longer need to be let down by frustrating pump top bottles that don’t pump anymore or are visibly dirty. If you choose solutions that have been designed with small spaces in mind you can provide a high-quality hand hygiene experience for everyone. Take a look at the new RCP 500ml AutoFoam dispenser. Using hygienically sealed refills for either soap or hand sanitiser, this smaller version of our market-leading touch-free dispenser looks as good as it performs. There’s absolutely no compromise needed.


If you need better cost in use…

…and who doesn’t?! It’s a common misconception that top up / bulk fill solutions save you money. Containing less concentrated soap or hand sanitiser and dispensing larger doses than required for a safe clean, bulk fill dispensers are not the money-saving choice they may seem. Read more about the false economy of bulk fill and the benefits of upgrading to dispensers using sealed refills in our blog.


If you want to go greener…

With 86% of consumers actively wanting brands to help them be greener5, it’s understandable that many businesses are looking for ways they can operate in a more sustainable way. Touch-free dispensers may be preferred by users, but these are traditionally powered by batteries, of which only 5% are recycled6. Upgrading to the LumeCel™ AutoFoam dispenser means no compromise. Touch and battery-free, the LumeCel™ is powered by ambient light and uses a rechargeable energy system to deliver continuous hand hygiene without the need for batteries. You can even tell your customers about it as part of your wider sustainability strategy!


If you need hand hygiene everywhere…

It’s important to protect the productivity of your facility and the health of your people by providing high quality hand hygiene where they need it. No two facilities are the same, and within a facility there are often multiple types of locations where hand hygiene is needed, from stairwells and entrances to reception desks and washrooms.  Take a look at our blog to find out more about stands and stations that will help match your facility’s needs.


Peace of mind with a lifetime warranty

Whatever your business’ sector or size, you need durable hand hygiene that will carry on performing. At RCP we design and build our products to last so you can have confidence when you see our name. Peace of mind is guaranteed as all our dispensers come with a lifetime warranty.



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