October 14, 2021

Hand hygiene for every location to match your facility’s unique needs

From meeting user expectations when it comes to quality and visibility, to providing the right type of solution in every location it is needed – a must for encouraging the frequent use that will be essential to keep your people safe and operations running smoothly.

At RCP, we understand that not every facility is the same, and that within your facility you’ll need different solutions in different locations. What works on your reception desk or countertop is different from what you need at your entrances, in your meeting rooms and in your stairwells.

That’s why we’ve created a collection of expertly designed stands that allows you to choose the specific solution you need, for wherever you need it. Coupled with hand sanitiser that kills 99.99% of germs, you can help prevent the spread of germs throughout your facility and help keep your people safe this winter.

Take a closer look…

AutoFoam Standard Floor Stand

The AutoFoam Standard Floor Stand allows touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers to be mounted to a lightweight, easily movable stand. A sturdy base and pole ensure secure placement, making this stand ideal for high-traffic areas in your facility.

Great for: entryways and doorways

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AutoFoam Tabletop Station

The AutoFoam Countertop Station is a lightweight and portable solution for touch-free hand sanitiser dispensing anywhere. It can easily move around on flat surfaces and is ideal for reception desks and counters in high-traffic areas to promote healthy hand hygiene behaviours .

Great for: receptions and office hot desks

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Pole Mount Station

The Pole Mount Station allows touch-free and manual hand sanitiser dispensers to be placed in easily overlooked spaces like poles and railings. Mounting vertically or horizontally, this stand allows you to promote a hygienic environment in areas that are commonly overlooked.

Great for: stairwells and waiting rooms

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Pump Top Sanitiser Floor Stand

The Pump Top Sanitiser Floor Stand allows sanitiser bottles to be mounted to a lightweight, easily movable stand. With highly visual signage to remind users to sanitise, this lightweight stand can be moved around your facility to accommodate your changing needs.
Great for: dynamic spaces

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Pump Top Sanitiser Wall Holder

The Pump Top Sanitiser Wall Holder allows pump top sanitiser bottles to be securely attached to any wall, meaning you can expand your protection to open areas with an easy and visible solution.

Great for: corridors, next to doors and outside lifts

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If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you choose the right solutions for your facility, contact our expert team today.

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