Top tips for better waste management and recycling in hospitality

The importance placed on good waste management in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues is increasing, as the challenge of balancing the sustainability requirements of guests and regulators with financial constraints intensifies.

90% of consumers say they are looking for sustainable options when travelling1, which means keeping up with the competition must now extend to sustainability practices as well. But it’s not just about visitor expectations: better recycling and waste management is better for your bottom line too. The more waste diverted from landfill disposal, the more your venue can reduce its operational costs. Take a look at this case study from DPD to read more about how the parcel giant was able to reduce its waste disposal costs by 27% through improved recycling.

A recycling solution for every back-of-house location

From cardboard packaging to plastic-bottled toiletries and food waste, hotels and other hospitality businesses are constantly disposing of recyclable waste. To implement efficient recycling practices and cut costs, venues should consider different types of recycling containers for each location in their venue where waste is managed.

In back-of-house areas where waste volume is high, you need containers that will stand up to the toughest environments. Take the RCP BRUTE® waste container for example. Never fading, warping, cracking or crushing, it can take on even the most demanding of hospitality environments. And if you’re moving waste around a large site, opt for the new Wheeled BRUTE®, ergonomically designed to move waste five times more easily.

Where space is at a premium – such as in kitchens or behind counters – look for recycling stations with a smaller footprint. Bins like the RCP Slim Jim® Recycling Stations are designed with tight spaces in mind, meaning recycling doesn’t need to get in the way of your demanding day-to-day operations.  Hinging lid inserts allow larger recyclables to easily fit inside while customisable colours and lids provide the flexibility to suit your specific requirements.

Tip: Invest in durability to keep replacement costs – and waste – to a minimum. Look out for long product warranties for added peace of mind. Find out more about how you can Buy Better, Waste Less here.

Managing guest waste front-of-house

Managing guest waste has long been a challenge for hotels, with implementing in-room recycling impractical from space, time and contamination risk perspectives. But much of the waste generated by guests is actually recyclable. So, how can you ensure it’s not avoidably heading to landfill?

One of the best ways to deal with the guest waste stream is to create clearly labelled guest-facing recycling points at convenient locations within your venue, such as lift lobbies, reception areas and lounges.

The good news is, better recycling needn’t mean compromising your aesthetics. Our Configure™ Recycling Stations have been designed with your front-of-house in mind. Boasting a modern design with sleek, smooth surfaces and contoured edges, Configure™’s high-quality galvanised steel construction gives a premium look, at home in any high end environment.

Tip: Leave cards in your guest rooms prompting guests to help you help the planet by taking their recyclable waste to your communal recycling stations. Provide paper bags to help them transport their recyclables.

Free resources to support you

The first step towards better recycling in your venue is a quick and easy one. In just 90 seconds, you can get an indicative waste and cost saving for your venue using our free recycling audit tool. Answer just six simple questions to start your journey to better recycling here.

Take a look at our free interactive online training modules to help educate your team in better recycling practices and embed sustainability throughout your organisation.



2 DPD case study

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