Consumers increasingly make decisions about the brands they support based on environmental credentials. And the weight of meeting consumer expectations is a growing challenge for businesses.

Our Changing Workplaces research revealed that double the number of organisations now consider heightened customer expectations a challenge, compared to pre-pandemic times. So, with 88% of consumers actively wanting brands to help them be more sustainable*, it’s impossible to underestimate the reputational impact of ignoring this call to put the environment first.

In a pincer grip of pressure, however, businesses are also feeling an increased burden of handling the waste created by a surge in single use products.

So, how can facility managers and waste management professionals face into the triple challenge of meeting customer expectations, dealing with higher levels of waste, and keeping waste management costs under control?  These simple changes to your waste management strategy can reap rewards from brand loyalty to reduced waste management costs:


Specify durability

Choosing durable solutions is considered by businesses to be 45% more important now than it was just a couple of years ago***.  This mindset shift is to be celebrated as a positive legacy of the pandemic, as selecting durable products is the original greener choice.  It can significantly reduce the environmental and business costs of remanufacture, operational downtime, and the transport of materials.

Making durable choices is especially key when you’re mapping out your business’ waste management solutions.  So, you’re set to implement recycling stations?  Great move.  But it’s vital to consider the quality and durability of the recycling stations themselves. After all, your goal is to keep waste out of the waste chain, not add to it!

Look for commercial-grade, durable materials and check for manufacturers’ guarantees.  Our range of waste management and recycling bins come with up to 10 years’ warranty, an easy signpost that these bins are built to last.


Recycling matters

In the EU, only 30% of plastic is recycled** while 39% of it is incinerated, and the remainder goes to  landfill.

It’s time for change.  Adaptable commercial recycling solutions are the answer.  It’s worth seeking expert support to specify the recycling solutions that will work hardest for your business.

Take the next step and gain control with our latest handy lite audit tool: 90 seconds of your time, to answer six simple questions, is all it takes to see the savings you can bring to your business.  Get started now.

Consider a free consultation with our in-house experts who will help you identify how you can increase your recycling output while reducing your costs.  By understanding more about your current set-up, our recycling experts can highlight areas where you can make changes and how these changes can lead to cost savings.

When DPD, one of Europe’s leading parcel groups, worked with us to install Slim Jim® Recycling Stations, the business boosted its recycling rate by 48% at six key sites within the first year.  Every month, at each site it’s installed, the recycling system diverts 0.5 tonnes away from general waste disposal. On completion of the roll-out across all DPD sites, over 500 tonnes of waste every year will be diverted to the circular economy.


Signpost what you’re doing

Make your recycling stations visible to users and easy for them to recycle.

Installing a multi-stream waste disposal system front-of-house will enable you to recycle more waste across your facility by preventing the cross-contamination of recyclable and non-recyclable materials.  What goes into the recycling stations is down to the people using your facility.  You have the power to make it easier for them to choose to recycle, however:  colour-coded and clearly labelled recycling stations will help sign-post users so it’s quick and hassle-free for them to recycle.  Our Slim Jim® Recycling Stations have hinging lid inserts so larger recyclables can easily fit inside. The customisable colours and lids mean you can create a recycling station that works for your facility’s unique needs and looks great.




*** Changing Workplaces research by RCP, 2021.

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