September 15, 2021

Front-of-house recycling to benefit your business and the planet

Our recent Changing Workplaces research revealed that 74% of businesses are concerned about how the pandemic has affected their sustainability credentials and with 77% of consumers actively looking for brands that are sustainable and/or environmentally responsible*, there is good reason to be prioritising the planet.

Now is the time for facilities to make visible, long-term commitments to sustainable business practices such as increasing the amount of waste they recycle. Here’s our advice for businesses looking to recycle more:

Recycle more while spending less

Sending waste to landfill is a costly endeavour for businesses, with waste removal costs and landfill taxes all adding up to dent your bottom line. But what if you could save money while also doing your bit for the planet?

Implementing a recycling programme where waste is separated at source and sent to recycling facilities is a simple way to help you reduce the amount your business spends sending waste to landfill unnecessarily, helping to meet your sustainability goals.

Encourage recycling with a multi-stream solution

Installing a multi-stream waste disposal system front-of-house will enable you to recycle more waste across your facility by preventing the cross-contamination of recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

Not only is a multi-stream system a practical choice, it also shows that your business is committed to environmentally friendly practices, enhancing your reputation among customers, employees and partners.

Make it easy to recycle

To encourage your facility users to adopt recycling as a day-today practice, you need to make it as easy for them as possible. Installing visible recycling stations that are colour-coded and clearly labelled will help sign-post users so they can recycle quickly and effectively with little impact to their daily routines.

By making front-of-house recycling easy for your customers, employees and partners, you will be able to maximise the amount of waste you recycle in your facility.

Choose solutions without compromise

Front-of-house is the area of your facility most visible to service users and where you create your first impressions, meaning it is held to the highest standard. Introducing a multi-stream waste disposal system needn’t mean you have to compromise aesthetics for functionality. Take our Slim Jim Recycling Stations, for example. Balancing a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality, the slim footprint fits in the tightest spaces, while hinging lid inserts allow larger recyclables to easily fit inside. The customisable colours and lids mean you can create a recycling station that both fits your needs and looks smart.


Ask yourself: how durable are your existing waste management solutions? The soaring use of single-use products amongst staff and customers saw 79% of Changing Workplaces respondents’ waste management systems impacted during the pandemic.

Low quality of poorly constructed recycling systems can undermine your facility’s sustainability goals, generating unnecessary waste and increasing spend on waste management.

Choosing products designed to last longer, which can withstand frequent use over long periods of time, reduces the need for your facility to re-purchase solutions frequently. In turn, this then reduces the waste, costs, and energy generated from remanufacturing, transporting, and installing your solutions, allowing your facility to adopt waste management processes that are sustainable on a holistic level.

At RCP, long-term durability is at the core of how products are designed. Our bins, for example, all come with a 5-year warranty, while the Slim Jim Vented and BRUTE come with 10-years. By investing in long-term solutions that are built to last, you can meet heightened expectations from your service users and have a waste management system that continues to perform day in, day out.

Buy better, waste less, love recycling.

Help to get you started

If you’re not sure on how to get started, our free audit tool could help. Developed as part of our Love Recycling initiative, the audit can identify areas where your facility can cut cost and improve recycling practices.


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