November 02, 2023

Why ergonomics gets top marks for efficiency and safety

Facility maintenance and cleaning work in education facilities is an undeniably tough job.

It’s not just the seven-plus miles covered every day, but the 70% of the day that is spent doing physical work1 such as pushing and pulling carts, mop buckets, waste containers and other equipment. It’s no wonder, then, that musculoskeletal injuries account for half of injuries reported by school maintenance workers2, with removing waste the task second most frequently associated with injury.

As well as the obvious risks to employee wellbeing posed by poor quality equipment, there are also the costs of staff absence and loss of productivity to consider – studies show that the cost of lost productivity due to illness or injury equates to 1.4 times the maintenance worker’s daily wage for every day they’re impacted. 3 So, what should you be looking out for when it comes to choosing your equipment?

Made to move, built to last

For facilities with decentralised spaces – such as detached classrooms, sports halls and university campus buildings – refuse collection can often involve transporting waste over rough or varied terrain to a centralised location. For this, equipment that makes waste easy to transport and takes the strain off the user is essential.

The RCP Wheeled BRUTE® reduces injury risk with an ergonomic handle that enables users to maintain proper back posture. An integrated tilt and kickplate allows for maximum tilting and it has wheels that help users to move loads five times more easily. The container comes with a five-year warranty, our commitment to guaranteed durability.


Heavy duty flexibility

From general building servicing to event set-up and breakdown, equipment transportation and everything in between, flexible material handling solutions that can stand up to the intense demands placed on them are essential. Most utility carts are designed with a “one size fits all” handle to keep upfront costs down, but the long-term implications of opting for lower quality are costly as users above or below average height are forced to push and pull in high-risk positions.

The RCP Heavy Duty Ergo Cart has an ergonomic handle design that provides multiple grip points at varying heights and widths to ensure hands remain slightly above the waste. Lightweight and maneuverable, the cart also has five-inch non-marking swivel casters to absorb shock and protect surfaces, which are also chemical/water resistant and operate quietly.


Carrying more but lightening the load

With multiple buildings and classrooms to clean under time pressure, choosing the right janitorial cleaning cart is important to help ease strain on workers and keep productivity high. Carts with high storage negate the need for frequent trips back and forth for supplies, thus reducing wasted time and energy. But if the cart is loaded with supplies, it needs to be lightweight and easy to move.

The RCP Janitorial Cleaning Cart has 40% more storage space than traditional cleaning carts but also has an ergonomic design with ball-bearing wheels and casters that allow for comfortable and efficient use.


Get in touch to find out more

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2 Koehoorn M, Ostry A, Hossain S, Village J [2011]. Injury risk associated with physical demands and school environment characteristics among a cohort of custodial workers. 54(8):767‒775


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