January 24, 2024

Sydney’s Premier Pullman Quay Grand finds the best housekeeping solution comes in small packages

Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most spectacular and iconic views, the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour takes full advantage of its enviable position in East Circular Quay.

The hotel’s luxurious five-star one and two-bedroom suites are ideal for families and business travellers looking for a home away from home. Every suite features fully-equipped kitchens and laundry, separate dining and lounge areas, large bedrooms with ensuite and spa bath, and a private balcony overlooking Australia’s iconic Harbour Bridge or tranquil Botanic Gardens.

Housekeeping staff at Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour are responsible for maintaining the highest standard in unparalleled luxury and impeccable service. To assist staff meet this benchmark, the small, yet highly-capable Executive Quick Cart from Rubbermaid Commercial Products proved it was up for the task.


With its spectacular location and stunning views, a suite at the Pullman Quay Grand is always in high demand, especially in the peak summer and New Year season. Room servicing times must be fast, professional and efficient to keep up with demand.

Executive Housekeeper, Christian Tapia found traditional housekeeping trolleys were not the ideal solution for the Pullman Quay Grand as they took up precious space in the hallway and staff needed to make multiple trips back and forth between the cart and a room.

“Maximising speed and efficiency is the holy grail of any hotel housekeeping service. Eliminating any inefficient processes such as repeated trips to the cart in the hallway or storeroom makes a big difference,” Tapia explained.

The traditional housekeeping trolleys posed a challenge in confined spaces, especially hotel corridors. “Damage to walls is a common issue for all hotel properties. Aesthetics are extremely important in a five-star hotel, especially in busy thoroughfares like our hallways, so maintaining the appearance of these areas helps preserve the hotel’s sophisticated, luxurious appeal,” he said.

“The hotel has 70 suites so it is a small property, but it feels much bigger and busier with our daily conference guests and patrons of our Q-Dining restaurant and newly-opened Hacienda Bar. Keeping hallways clear is appreciated by everyone.”

At the Pullman Quay Grand, the all-female housekeeping team have very physical jobs. It is a priority to lighten their load, wherever possible. The right equipment can reduce Workplace Health and Safety risk.


The Pullman Quay Grand decided to retire the traditional carts and introduce a fleet of 12 Executive Quick Carts, by Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

The Executive Quick Cart is a compact, easy-to-transport mobile cart designed to look like a modern executive suitcase. Its lightweight and compact design means a housekeeper can wheel the unit into the room and have all supplies and equipment within arms’ reach.

Inside the Quick Cart are a number of clever, adjustable compartments and a removable caddy that neatly and securely stores all room essentials. Cleaning equipment is housed in the various outside pockets for quick access.

Cleaning surfaces and refreshing room amenities can be done with greater efficiency, and there’s no need to leave the room for equipment or supplies.

“Our suites are self-contained, so in addition to the standard hotel amenities such as bathroom essentials, tea and coffee and stationery, we also provide things like dishwashing and laundry powder, new dishcloths and tea towels,” Tapia explained.

“Considering its compact size, the storage capacity of the Quick Cart is remarkably generous. I honestly did not expect all the room supplies could fit, so it was a pleasant surprise when everything did,” he said.

The housekeeper can clean discretely as the cart blends in perfectly with the luxurious five-star surroundings. The professional-looking cart could easily be mistaken for a large black suitcase on wheels and is small enough to roll inside the suite. Constructed with ultradurable and stain resistance materials, the Quick Cart can easily handle rigorous daily use and will continue to look sleek and professional for years to come.

The adjustable telescopic handle is a feature all housekeeping staff appreciates – whether tall or petite. Even at full capacity, the cart can be rolled smoothly on two wheels with no pressure on the user’s shoulder or back.

The walls in the hallways can easily be avoided which represents an ongoing saving in maintenance costs.


One of the major achievements following the implementation of the Quick Carts is housekeeping productivity is greatly improved. Tapia estimates the Quick Cart saves a significant amount of time.

“The Quick Cart saves our housekeeper around 5 minutes per room allowing staff to complete extra jobs in the rooms.”

“Having everything within easy reach is such a simple concept, but it saves significant time and energy, making the task of cleaning and refreshing amenities much faster.”

“The most significant advantage Tapia identified is the improvement in hallway aesthetics. Damaged walls are a thing of the past. Repairing damaged walls was a costly exercise. When paintwork was damaged, the walls needed to be repaired as a priority, so these ongoing repairs could be disruptive. Eliminating this issue represents a significant cost saving and overall improvement.”

“The hallways are always clear and there is no sign that housekeeping is working quietly, yet swiftly on the floor.”

“Now the Quick Carts are inside the suite, there’s no visible trace of staff in the hallways. If there is one downside, it’s that they’re so well-hidden, I never know where the staff are! Guests would never know our housekeepers are servicing other rooms on their floor. Small details like this enhance the overall sophisticated, luxurious ambience.”

From a Workplace Health and Safety perspective, the housekeeping team is much happier to have lighter, easy-to-move cart to work with. No injuries or issues have been experienced since the implementation.

“Our housekeepers love the lightweight, luggage-style design of the Quick Carts. They often joke that they feel like they are going on holidays as they wheel the mobile cart from room to room.”

The Return on Investment (ROI) for Pullman Quay Grand is clearly evident in terms of productivity, aesthetics and a happier, safer workforce.

“At first, I had reservations about moving to a smaller system, but from day one using the new Quick Carts we were so impressed. It is perfectly suited to our hotel. We don’t miss the old system.”


Repels Water, Oil, and Stains

  • Teflon® fabric protector helps maintain Quick Cart aesthetics and protects from rigorous daily use.

Removable Carry Caddy

  • Rigid dividers improve efficiency, keeping amenities and supplies organised.

Industry’s Most Durable Mobile Cart Solution

  • Provide a premium guest experience, keeping the cleaning process hidden from view of guests.
  • Easily move throughout the property with a lightweight, compact, and durable construction.
  • Delivers a flexible solution, custom

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