June 17, 2021

Our top tips for hand hygiene in schools

We all know the world is changing, and education facilities are facing increased scrutiny over hygiene standards. With the pressure mounting, it’s time to take back control.

It’s a tricky path to navigate as guidance often changes with little time to react, leaving schools to scramble for urgent solutions which may not be up to grade.

One thing is certain: hand hygiene is here to stay. Improved sanitising provisions will be the mainstay of the ‘new normal’. And not just for keeping coronavirus in check: better hygiene is key for preventing the spread of other germs, which can cause havoc in the classroom.

We’re sharing tips and advice for schools, which rely on long-lasting hand hygiene solutions, scoped around your individual needs.

Different areas need different solutions.

It’s no longer enough to only consider washroom provisions. It’s now essential for schools to offer sanitising dispensers, particularly in high-traffic areas where disrupting the flow of people should be minimal. By providing students, parents and staff with plenty of opportunities to sanitise, you’re giving them the reassurance they need that their health and safety is of the highest importance in your school.

Think sustainability.

Reducing waste and conserving materials are at the forefront of the sustainability debate. At a time where people are looking for sustainable and touch-free solutions, choose hand hygiene dispensers that provide both. Opt for solutions that stand the test of time and dispensers that are designed for durability, particularly in a busy learning environment. We can also provide LumeCel touch-free dispensers, powered by natural or artificial light, without need for batteries.

Hand sanitisers need to be gentle and effective.

While it’s important that sanitisers effectively remove bacteria and germs from hands, the process needs to be gentle on skin. Students and teachers rely on tough solutions but need to take skin sensitivity into account. Consider meeting the needs of all your pupils by offering both alcohol based and alcohol free solutions that care for the skin as well as kill germs.

Reduce touch, reduce risk.

Touch-free dispensers minimise the risk of picking up germs in ‘high contact’ areas. 92% of people* said they would prefer to use a touch-free dispenser, which makes them feel safer, thanks to no-touch delivery reducing the risk of contact with bacteria.

Saving time and money

Hygienically sealed refills make refilling your dispensers quicker, easier and safer – and means the job can be done without the risk of cross-contamination. We help refills last longer through dose control when dispensing product.

Quality and visibility.

Now more than ever, people want to feel safe when they’re away from home. Effective, visible and easily accessible hand hygiene provisions enhance the welfare of your pupils and staff.

signposting for children.

Place dispensers throughout your facility, encouraging use, building confidence, and improving safety. We ensure our hand hygiene dispensers stand out in even the most vibrant academic environments.

Why RCP? 

You can have more control across your facility by choosing our quality hand hygiene, waste management and cleaning solutions. Partnering with us helps you control your costs, provides dependable solutions and, ultimately, introduces order to your hand hygiene, waste and cleaning essentials. We’re always looking closer at new ways to deliver reliability and cost-efficiency for every organisation and facility we partner with, with durable and sustainable solutions.

For more information on how RCP solutions can help your school, please visit Rubbermaid.eu

*Preferred to manual pump dispensers, based on 415 RCP Facebook survey responses.

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