August 22, 2023

One year on our Love Sustainability Journey

We’re one year on from the launch of our Love Sustainability Journey – our commitment to becoming as sustainable as possible whilst supporting businesses in doing the same. The goal? To help organisations make incremental sustainability gains against a backdrop of commercial considerations and challenges, while doing the same ourselves.

When we launched the Journey, we set out our commitments and goals with our tangible sustainability framework and roadmap. As we celebrate the first year of our Journey, here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights.


This year we published our latest Love Sustainability insights report, Why Product Longevity is a Powerful First Step Towards Commercial Sustainability, which took a dive into the complexities of commercial sustainability. We examined why opting for recycled materials isn’t the only answer and explained why we have always championed focussing on durability as a way to make substantial environmental gains.

The report is helping businesses cut through the confusion and avoid greenwashing by providing insight-backed solutions to improve their sustainability. By highlighting that extending the life cycle of waste management solutions can reduce environmental impact by up to 72%, while reducing business costs by up to a third1, the report has supported businesses to make purchasing choices that are better for the planet as well as budgets.

Read the full report here.


Newell Brands, of which we are a proud part, highlighted some significant sustainability progress in its Corporate Citizenship Report, Together As One. As well as a 35% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - exceeding the target of 30% by 2025 - it also reported that 12.5% of its global manufacturing sites are now run on renewable energy. We’re celebrating the progress so far and will continue to work as part of Newell Brands to ensure our operations are as sustainable as possible.

Read the full report here.


Every year Tomorrow’s Cleaning celebrates the most innovative products and services in the industry, and we were proud to see our Love Sustainability Journey top the vote in 2023, showing how important the programme has been as resource for businesses wanting to understand more about truly sustainable practices.

Speaking about the win, Emilio Capelli, VP Sales & Marketing International for Commercial at Newell Brands said:

“We are delighted that the Love Sustainability Journey has been selected as this year’s winner. The Journey isn’t just about what RCP is doing to become more sustainable as a business, but also our commitments to helping the businesses we work with to take steps to act more sustainably too, so we’re proud to have inspired the readers of Tomorrow’s Cleaning.

“The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warned ‘there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all’, a stark reminder of just how important making steps forward in commercial sustainability are. Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our Journey so far. Let’s do this together!”

What we have achieved this year is only the beginning and we look forward to continuing our Journey to becoming as sustainable as possible, and supporting other businesses in their own journeys.

Let’s do this together! Find out more here.


  1. The Benefits of Extending Passive Products Lifespans

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