March 06, 2023

How to take the strain off your housekeeping staff and your budget

Hospitality businesses across the world have faced a series of unprecedented challenges in recent years, with rising inflation and staffing pressures currently hitting the industry hard. In a recent survey*, businesses in the sector reported that after rising costs, staff-related issues were the next most problematic challenge they had faced over the last 12 months.

For hospitality businesses to thrive, protecting productivity through promoting health and wellbeing, thus reducing injury and time off sick, is a must. With hotel workers having a 40% higher injury rate than all service sector workers – and housekeepers coming off worst – how can your venue protect your employees and minimise costly disruption? For the many hotels running on lower-than-optimal staff numbers at a time when the post-pandemic guest is actively looking for the reassurance of housekeeping teams and visible signs of cleaning, this is essential.

Efficient storage for increased productivity

Well-stocked housekeeping cleaning carts are essential for maximising efficiency and reducing time wasted going back and forth to cleaning stores to reload. Choose a cart that doesn’t just offer a high volume of storage space, but also allows for separation of materials and a flexible arrangement of space so your housekeepers can carry the products they need for the job in hand.

Our Compact Housekeeping Cart, for example, is a complete system solution, designed with efficiency in mind. The full-size cabinet offers exceptional storage space and an adjustable middle shelf, while its double bag capacity allows for multiple collection streams - such as linens and waste or recycling – with a watertight PVC lining.

Being able to house multiple cleaning aids means the right solution for any situation is always at hand. Our range of hotel housekeeping trolleys utilise a pocket organiser system to house cleaning tools such as dusters and brushes, as well as products such as microfibre cloths, bin liners, cleaning solutions and hand hygiene provisions.

Choose ergonomics to promote health and safety

While more efficient, a fully stocked cart must also be suitably mobile for housekeeping staff to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries. With multiple rooms to clean in a limited time, housekeepers need the right equipment to ensure they are not put at risk of avoidable injuries. In UniteHere’s survey2 over 90% of housekeepers reported suffering work-related pain, with 77% saying it interfered with routine activities.

At RCP, our hotel cleaning carts are designed with safety and comfort in mind and have a high degree of lightweight manoeuvrability thanks to sturdy wheels and casters.

Prioritise durable carts to keep long-term costs lower

Housekeeping equipment is put through its paces every day, so choosing long-lasting carts that can withstand these tough demands must be a priority for hospitality businesses. Our housekeeping cleaning trolleys are designed to outlast the competition, with durability that supports improvements in productivity and removes the unnecessary expense of replacing lower quality products more frequently.

Our range of housekeeping carts is available in multiple styles and capacities to provide an essential visible and robust cleaning solution, fit to tackle today’s hospitality challenges.


1 LightSpeed Stage of the Global Hospitality Industry 2022


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