May 10, 2023

How to select hand hygiene for each area of your facility

The challenge of providing hand hygiene solutions for any warehouse and logistics facility is that one solution does not fit all! With various areas to cater for, all with differing needs in terms of hygiene, it can seem a daunting task. From differences in scale and footfall to balance as well as washrooms to think of, how can you ensure that you’re not only protecting your staff but protecting your budgets too?


As 80% of germs are spread by hands, a focus on hygiene is key to running an efficient facility1. For many, productivity is well and truly top of the agenda, in fact 79% of managers are being tasked with finding areas where time and cost savings could be made2, so where could good hand hygiene practices help?

Sick days are a productivity-killer and can cost your facility dearly. For example, if you consider that workers take on average 3 sick days every year, in a business of 100 employees you could be looking at unnecessary costs of around £35,000/year3 - costs that could be avoided with effective hand hygiene solutions.

It’s important that any facility is looking after their staff well, providing them with quality hand hygiene that keeps them safe while at work. Often businesses cut corners when it comes to choosing their hygiene dispensers, but did you know that this could actually be contributing to the spread of illness in your facility not stopping it?  Bulk-fill soap and sanitiser dispensers may sound like the more economic option but could in fact be costing your business. 1 in 4 bulk-fill hygiene dispensers are contaminated with illness-causing bacteria4.  It’s not just contamination that can prove costly: the amount of product dispensed when using a bulk-fill solution compared with the amount required for a safe clean means unnecessary wastage is hitting your bottom line too. Opting for touch-free solutions in your busy areas will help promote workflow while not neglecting hygiene practices. Take a look at our range of automatic soap and sanitiser dispensers that use hygienically sealed refills for better cost in use, and better hygiene.


In a busy warehouse, you need tough, long-lasting and reliable hand hygiene solutions that can be trusted year after year. In areas where footfall is high and productivity is a priority, such as the main packing floors and loading areas, it’s important to consider solutions that are designed for heavy use and that are touch-free. Giving your workers access to hands-free hygiene solutions, preferred by 92% of people5, may encourage better hand hygiene practices and will leave little room for disruption to workflow.

With the recent rise in operating costs for the majority of supply chain facilities, protecting profitability has never been more critical. But for many the temptation of cutting corners when it comes to hand hygiene can actually lead to higher costs in the long run. By investing in durable, dependable and cost-efficient hand hygiene solutions throughout your facility, you reduce the need (and hassle) for regular replacements and your bottom line will thank you for it. At a time when managing overheads is key, choosing high quality hand hygiene from a trusted and established brand gives you the peace of mind of longer lasting efficiency and durability. Our AutoFoam soap and sanitiser dispensers come with a lifetime warranty, offer users a touch-free experience and are built to last, saving your business valuable time and money.


70% of survey respondents stated that having hand sanitisers throughout a facility is “very important”6. By providing stronger and more visible hand hygiene dispensers across all your working zones, you can show your staff that you’re taking care of their health – from operatives, to managers, to support staff. What’s more, visible hand hygiene dispensers encourage usage to stop the spread of germs. Placing them where people are working means they’re able to regularly sanitise without it upsetting their workflow, and without it slowing them down. Effective, visible and easily accessible hand hygiene provisions also enhance the effectiveness of your health and safety protocols.

When it comes to selecting the right hand hygiene solutions for your warehouse, it’s important to consider more than the initial cost. With ineffective hygiene solutions having potentially damaging commercial implications it’s important to invest in products that stand the test of time, that will help you to boost productivity and ultimately cut costs.


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