May 15, 2023

How high footfall facilities can tackle the challenges of cleaning, hand hygiene and waste management

Whilst travel and entertainment facilities each face their own unique set of demands, one shared challenge is creating an impressive experience for your users at the same time as handling the pressure of high footfall.

What’s more, as facilities that contain a multitude of distinct spaces ranging from large concourses to smaller retail and food service areas - as well as individual seating spaces - they require a tailored approach to cleaning, hygiene and waste management with different solutions to suit different zones.

In both travel and entertainment facilities there’s a high ratio of users to staff, so the pressure on making a positive impression through non-verbal interaction is vital in order to protect reputation and, ultimately, the facilities’ bottom lines.   A clean, safe, environment is a baseline expectation for visitors and staff, whilst showing care for the environment through visible waste management and recycling opportunities is needed in order to meet mounting pressure on offering greener facilities.

So, how can high footfall facilities take control of these challenges in a cost-effective and safe way?

Build trust by valuing visibility

As customers and staff move through your facility, they expect to see signs of visible cleaning, along with hand hygiene dispensers and provisions to dispose of their waste safely and sustainably.

Nearly one in two consumers either do not know what commitments businesses have made that they can trust or simply do not trust businesses on climate change and sustainability issues1. Make your sustainability intentions clear at every touchpoint, build trust with your users and your facility’s reputation will flourish.

When people enter your facility, they are alert for the visible signs of cleaning and hygiene. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the washrooms. In fact, 77% of consumers view a business more or less favourably depending on the state of its washrooms2, so it’s vital that facility managers invest in the experience in order to protect their reputations.

From the moment people open the washroom door, with that first rush of air, to the moment they leave, users’ senses will be alert to anything that’s out of place. The TCellTM is a discreet and effective passive air freshening system that will have your washrooms smelling clean and fresh all day.

Facilities should consider providing touch-free soap dispensers, which are preferred by 92% of people3. Opting for solutions such as touch-free AutoFoam  soap and sanitiser dispensers that use hygienically sealed refills, provides the preferred touchless experience for your visitors, protecting their safety whilst ensuring better cost-in-use and less waste through concentrated product dosing.

To fully support the safety of your facility users, hand hygiene provisions need to be placed visibly throughout, not just in the washroom.  Ensuring consistency by installing touch-free sanitiser dispensers signals quality and a commitment to using solutions that people are most comfortable with.

It’s not just personal hygiene that must be signalled, however.  Visitors and staff are looking for visible signs of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the facility. Well stocked, professional looking cleaning carts provide reassurance and indicate to users what cleaning processes are in place.

Improve efficiency, protect employees

In the aftermath of a large sporting event or commuter rush it’s vital that your cleaning staff are able to ‘sweep in’ quickly and efficiently. The last thing your facility needs is the potential for injury and spread of illness and the ensuing damage to its reputation.

Investing in the right equipment for your cleaning teams protects both your staff and facility users. Choosing multifunctional cleaning carts with ergonomic design and easy-to-move equipment also reduces the risk of injury amongst staff. What’s more, the slim design is the ideal solution for any busy venue.

Welcome waste management

According to research by Skift, the typical event attendee produces 1.89 kg of waste per day, 85% of which can be landfill4. When you think about music festivals, outdoor gigs and sports events where capacity is in the tens of thousands that’s a lot of waste. Consumers are hyper aware of how their waste is handled: 88% actively want brands to help them be more sustainable5 , which puts travel and entertainment facilities under pressure to take a closer look at their waste management and recycling practices. So, how can they tackle the issue of waste management, while keeping visitors safe and protecting their budgets?

All too often facilities assume that investing in better recycling practices will be costly to implement.  However, reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill and increasing your recycled waste actually saves you money.  Investing in recycling stations and waste containers that combine functionality and durability mean you can buy less frequently, meaning you waste less whilst boosting the opportunity to recycle more.

For high end front-of-house recycling, where aesthetics matter, Configure™ recycling stations are the go-to choice. With their modern and sleek design, the stations fit seamlessly into your customer-facing environment without losing that all-important functionality.

Meanwhile, coloured BRUTE® waste containers allow easy separation of large volumes of waste. Famed for their durability, the containers come with a 10-year warranty. Venting channels make removing liners 50% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of injury.

Sustainable solutions that don’t cost the earth

The key to protecting the planet and your budget is investing in the right products. For facilities in the travel and entertainment sector opting for products that can be used across several different areas within the one facility could be a quick win when zoning in on your facility's sustainability practices.

Selecting durable solutions that are built to last will also minimise waste and protect your budget.

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