septiembre 20, 2021

Step It Up this Recycle Week 

The nation’s annual celebration of recycling is back for its 18th year from 20th-26th September, with the theme of “Step It Up”.

It’s been a challenging 18 months for businesses across the world, in every sector. But the climate crisis isn’t going away, and as sustainability returns to the spotlight, your business will be under pressure to Step It Up. You’re not alone: almost three quarters of businesses who took part in our Changing Workplaces research program said they were concerned about the impact of the pandemic on their sustainability credentials.  

Like many businesses, you probably know you need to do more, but not necessarily where to start? Here are some of our top tips to help you Step It Up this Recycle Week: 

Separate to Step It Up 

When it comes to waste management, half of Changing Workplaces respondents said they had found it challenging to manage additional waste streams in their facility. Choosing flexible waste management and recycling solutions that make life easier will ensure your facility is set up to maximise its recycling capability in a way that’s efficient.  

Choose solutions that make it straightforward for your customers and employees to separate waste front-of-house without compromising on the presentation of your facility. For more advice on front-of-house waste separation, take a look at our blog post here.   

Celebrate to Step It Up 

A crucial part of making recycling changes in the future is celebrating the inspirational individuals of today. Who are the sustainability champions in your organisation and how can you acknowledge their good work so they inspire others to Step It Up too?  

A better world in the future is only possible with all of us working together, and part of encouraging people to do more is inspiring them with good examples. That’s why this week we’ve announced the 20 winners of our first Love Recycling Heroes awards, an initiative that has allowed businesses to give kudos to their people who have gone the greatest lengths to create better sustainability practices. Take a look at their stories here.

Innovate to Step It Up 

Improving sustainability practices relies on doing things differently so whether it’s through changing your processes or choosing greener products, innovation is a must. Just as different parts of your facility have different functions and user groups, there’s no one-size-fits all solution for your waste management. Challenge yourself to think differently about how you approach recycling and waste management so you have the right solutions throughout your facility and for each part of your operation.  

A regular waste audit will help you track improvements and manage change but it’s important to note that embedding change takes time. Consider the motivations of others at your organisation as well as your facility users when making changes to how you operate your waste management. From communicating the financial benefits of waste segregation to your board, to providing appropriate training for employees and incentivising compliance, there are many angles to consider.  

RCP’s in-house experts can help you highlight areas to make changes that will make a difference without costing the earth. Register for your free consultation here 

Stronger-for-longer to Step It Up 

How often are you having to replace your waste management products?  

User expectations are higher than ever and frequent use of your solutions is placing them under unprecedented demand. You’ve heard it said: “buy cheap buy twice”, but it’s not just your bottom line that is hit every time you have to replace products. By choosing products designed to last longer that can withstand heavy use over long periods of time, not only can you reduce and control your costs, you can also make a choice that’s better for the environment by minimising waste. 

Swot Up to Step It Up 

Staying on top of market trends and understanding best practice can be extremely valuable for businesses wanting to improve their recycling practices. Our award-winning Love Recycling program provides free insights and resources that aid businesses to implement effective recycling. Head to the Love Recycling website to download findings from our research with over 1,000 businesses, and sign up to our monthly newsletter for news and knowledge covering the diverse field of commercial recycling and sustainability.  

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