mayo 15, 2020

Keeping Hotels Clean with RCP

Product Solutions for Hotels

As part of post-pandemic reopening procedures, hotels will make changes that accommodate guest safety.

Social distancing measures, such as online check-in, will increase, while enhanced protocols will be implemented for hand hygiene, cleaning and the safe disposal of waste. These protocols will cover what housekeeping and staff do but will also make provision for guests to handle their own safety with products such as hand hygiene stations placed throughout the property, not just in bathrooms.

Prior to 2020, the prominence of housekeeping staff was a matter of discretion. Even communication was done indirectly through Do Not Disturb signs or leaving towels in the bath. Now, guests will actively look for housekeeping teams and cleaning carts, the signs of visible cleaning. Housekeeping carts and what they carry will become barometers for how seriously a hotel takes their cleaning obligations.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) range of housekeeping carts is available in multiple styles and capacities to provide an essential visible cleaning solution for your property.

Visible cleaning is at its best when a cart is well stocked. Products such as microfiber cloths, hand hygiene provisions, bin liners and cleaning solutions give guests an insight into the cleaning processes being undertaken, without having to see them being undertaken.

In addition to cleaning products, the RCP range of housekeeping carts utilises a pocket organiser system to house cleaning tools such as dusters and brushes. A cart housing multiple cleaning aids demonstrates that housekeeping takes their cleaning responsibilities seriously and can deploy the right solution in any situation.

A fully stocked cart must also be suitably mobile for cleaning staff. RCP housekeeping carts are designed for safety and have a high degree of lightweight manoeuvrability. Wheels and casters form a solid base and don’t leave marks on floors and carpets.

A fundamental part of hospitality is welcoming guests to a place that stands in for home. Over the coming months and years, returning hotel guests will have spent significant time at home as a safety measure. This sense of domestic safety must be replicated so guests feel safe and remain healthy.

About Our Company

Partnering with Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) is the best way to control the growing complexity you face every day managing your waste, cleaning and hygiene needs. At RCP, we are committed to creating the most durable and innovative solutions for you, whatever your sector. Our products are designed to out-perform and out-last the competition, saving you money, protecting your staff from injury and reducing the unnecessary waste created by cheaper, less durable alternatives. And because our products are distributed globally, we can bring your business these benefits wherever you may be, supporting your brand’s own quality image and giving your staff, customers or guests the very best waste management, cleaning and hygiene experience available today.

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