mayo 03, 2021

Rubbermaid Commercial Products launches campaign to promote hand hygiene in schools

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) has launched ‘Hands Up For Hand Hygiene’: a campaign aimed at encouraging school-aged children to become more aware of the importance of good hand hygiene, now and in the future.

Effective hand hygiene is more important than ever, and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused increased focus on washing and sanitising provision across the world. RCP is leading a mission to accelerate this change in behaviour, helping to instill good hand hygiene practice in children and create habits that will last a lifetime.

A leading international manufacturer of hand hygiene, cleaning, waste and recycling solutions, RCP has developed the Hands Up For Hand Hygiene initiative to engage young minds about the importance of thorough hand washing and sanitising.  Designed as a computer game style mission, the campaign will call on children in classrooms across Europe to create an informative poster which outlines why hand hygiene is so crucial in the present day and the future.  With a challenge to ‘spread the word, not the germs’, children are empowered to raise awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene among their peers.

The four winning designers will have their schools fitted out with premium RCP soap dispensers in washrooms and hand sanitiser dispensers throughout their schools, complete with a six-month supply of RCP refills. The winning students will also each take home £100 in Amazon vouchers.

Paul Jakeway, Head of Marketing – EMEA, RCP – said: ‘’Now is the time to embed strong hand hygiene habits in the next generation.  We’re delighted to be able to support schools and teachers with our engaging and informative campaign.  Hands Up For Hand Hygiene is designed to speak to children in a universal language:  that of computer games!  As the message about hand hygiene is constantly drilled into children, we feel that by bringing some fun to a very important topic we will capture children’s attention and participation more fully.’’

Participating schools can download a free resource pack which contains an interactive slide presentation to explain more to the pupils about good hand hygiene, a ‘gaming’ style video to explain the ‘mission’ to pupils and some top hand hygiene tips for education providers from the experts at RCP.

The competition is now open here:

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