julio 02, 2021

Take your hand hygiene to the next level

Your employees and facility users now expect more from the hand hygiene solutions you provide.

You can give them the confidence they need by following our top tips.

Be visible to show you care

The more people see it, the more trust you’ll build with your employees and customers, and the more confidence you’ll give them while in your facility. Highly visible hand hygiene provision is a clear sign that you take their safety seriously and reinforces the reputation of your brand.

Choose solutions that perform day in, day out

More frequent use of hand hygiene products is good for building confidence in your facility, but it also puts pressure on your solutions and adds to your costs. Choose durable products that can withstand frequent use over a long period of time in the toughest environments.

Meet raised expectations

Being fit for the future means meeting your facility users’ expectations for easily accessible, readily available hand hygiene throughout. Be prepared to meet changing expectations – such as keeping the 92% of people who prefer touch-free hand hygiene dispensers happy.*

Get serious about sustainability

By choosing products that last longer, you can avoid having to replace them so often, reducing waste and supporting your business’ sustainability aims. Demonstrate you are serious about sustainability with innovative solutions such as our LumeCel™ battery-free and touch-free dispenser, powered by the light in your facility.

Give your facility users confidence by choosing RCP’s high quality, durable and innovative hand hygiene solutions. Find out more at rubbermaidsa.co.za

*Preferred to manual pump dispensers, based on 415 RCP Facebook survey responses

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