agosto 18, 2021

Exploring the future of workplace budgets

As part of our Europe-wide Changing Workplaces research program, we’ve been exploring how businesses have changed their approach to spending on hand hygiene and cleaning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Against a backdrop of heightened demand, Changing Workplaces has revealed a clear trend of increased cleaning and hygiene budgets during the pandemic, with 85% of respondents stating that their budget for investing in improved practices in hygiene and cleaning had been increased as a result. Additionally, over 50% of respondents said their workplace had spent more on purchasing higher quality cleaning products, while 41% invested in higher quality washroom soap and dispensers. This indicates a wide-spread reflection amongst workplaces on the need for more efficient cleaning and hand-hygiene provisions.

Whether this increased spending is likely to be permanent, however, is less certain. Of the respondents who confirmed their workplaces had increased budgets for cleaning products, only 44% believed this to be a permanent change. Similarly, just half of respondents whose workplace spent more on higher quality cleaning products believed this spend would continue.

But whilst budgets may be tightened in the future, expectations from customers and employees remain unalterably raised. This leaves workplaces with a new conundrum: how to continue meeting these heightened expectations without sacrificing user experience for cost efficiency.

To meet these competing demands, choosing durable, quality solutions is paramount. Investing in long-term solutions while budget is available, will help you to future-proof your facility and continue to meet your users’ expectations.

When it comes to hand hygiene, dispensers that are manufactured to withstand frequent use over long periods of time are an essential choice for reducing and controlling your costs. The RCP LumeCelTM Autofoam dispenser, for example, is powered by both indoor and natural light sources in addition to delivering a touch-free, concentrated dose of product. With each refill providing up to 2,750 applications and no batteries to be replaced, choosing innovative products such as this will provide long-lasting solutions that are friendly to your bottom line.

It’s not just your choice of dispensers and stands that help you control costs over the longer term, but your choice of soap and hand sanitiser too. Buying in ‘bulk’ may seem like an economical idea, but in fact the amount of product dispensed per dose from ‘bulk-fill’ solutions makes the opposite true. The concentrated dosing in hygienically sealed refills not only keeps soap and sanitisers free from cross-contamination, but also provides more applications per refill, offering better cost in use.

At RCP we help our partners to maximise budgets by lowering the lifetime cost of hand hygiene, waste and cleaning products. As well as designing them to last longer, we ensure our products provide maximum efficiency and last longer to save you money every day. We’re that confident you can rely on our dispensers that they come with a lifetime warranty.

To find all the insights on budgets, changes, and challenges reported by workplaces across Europe, download our complete Changing Workplaces report here.

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